1. Minimun hiring period is considered as the three day rentals

2. Renter is obliged to return the vehicle in an authorised representative of RENTACARKATERINISGR Ε.Ε. according the agreed date, time (max + 1 hour) and place of the contract. Any modification requires the acquiescence in writing of RENTACARKATERINISGR Ε.Ε. . Returns or delays over one (1) hour than register, are charged at 50% of the agreed daily rate, while more than 3 hours are charged as an extra day

3. Renter is responsible since the time of picking up the vehicle and up to time of returning it and handing the keys in a representative of RENTACARKATERINISGR Ε.Ε.  for any fines, traffic tickets and attached administration penalties for which is obliged to pay them by himself and deliver to the company a valid copy of payment, otherwise changes of the above plus expenses of 15,00 euros should be estimated by the company at the time of being announced either by the rentel himself upon return, or by the police or local traffic authorities at a later time, and should be charged without any time limit for these specific charges

4. Renter is responsible for inspecting the vehicle (inferior and exterior), indicating any damages or scrathes to RENTACARKATERINISGR Ε.Ε. 's representative and filling up the uppropriate Table of Condition in the front page and assumes to return the vehicle in the same condition

5. Insurance covers included in rental rate, are the followings:
1. Death and body injuries of persons not riding in or upon the renter's vehicle.
2. Material damages inflicted on property which is not stored in or upon the renter's vehicle

6. In case of engagement in a traffic accident and since is due to the renter, or even in ignorance of himself (independently the agreed kind of insurance) the renter is charged at 30% or annual insurance fee at a min. rate of 100,00 euros preperative to a report to insurance company be submitted, plus a charge of 100 euros + V.A.T. 24% as administration fees and expenses

7. Especially is pointed out, in any case of accident (collision, drift, etc.) or damage (scratches, hit, etc.) and under any insurance cover, Traffic Police must e informed at once (tel. 100) by the renter following RENTACARKATERINISGR Ε.Ε. and upon return, the Accident Report Form issued by the Police should be supplied. In addition to Insurance Report Form which should be signed at our headquarters, letting the Insurance Co. to cover the damage cost, otherwise the renter should be considered as responsible and would be charged for the whole cost of damage repairs in addition to duration of time for completing the repairs,even if it Renter has accepted “F.D.W.” or ''C.D.W.''

23. If you Cancel the Booking of the Car,15 days before the date of booking.We Can Refund you the money. Otherwise, Refund is not possible

8. Renter can reduce his liability for damages on his vehicle up to the amount of 322,58 euros + V.A.T. 24% (or depending on the vehicle group up to max 645,16 euros + V.A.T. 24%), accepting in writing the terms and condition of C.D.W. (Collision Damages Waiver) in advance. Cost of C.D.W. Is rated at 5,00 per day for Groups B, C, D, D1, J, L, 10,00 euros per day for Groups E, F, and 15,00 euros per day for Groups M, N, O.

9. Collision Damage Waiver or ''C.D.W.'' is not valid, even if it has been agreed and undersigned, under the following conditions:
1. Participating in any kind of rallying or towing (third vehicle, trailer, etc.).
2. Loading vehicle in excess of it's capacity, specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
3. Unilateral acquiescence from the renter's side, in case of an accident, without informing at once -------------- and Traffic Police Authority (tel. 100) asking for their presence in compiling an Accident Report.
4. Operation of the vehicle from any third person (even holder of a Driving License), not registered in the front page, independently with his relation to the renter.
5. Operation of the vehicle, over the agreed date and time, written on the front page of this contract.
6. Operation of the vehicle, when renter is under alcohol or any drugs influence.
7. Operation of the vehicle against the Greek Traffic Law or in any way, which poses vehicle or passengers or any third parties in danger.
8. Operation of the vehicle in non asphalt or passable roads.
9. Operation of the vehicle for any transferring, persons or materials, under freight.
10. Operation of the vehicle for any action described as illegal of criminal against the Greek Law

11. Operation of the vehicle for driving lessons to third parties

10. Definitely are excluded from ''C.D.W.'' any damages or losses on tires, wheel covers or rims, windshields and side windows, sound systems (RCD, DVD) antennas, instruments as the below part of the vehicle unless are caused in continuation of an accident. Also, interior of the vehicle is not covered by any insurance (burnt, torn or dirty upholstery)

11. In case of repair any damage, the vehicle should be repaired only at authorised repair station by RENTACARKATERINISGR Ε.Ε.. It's prohibited any other repair stations recommended by the renter except the official one in Greece, by the vehicle's manufacturer, assuming the working days of repair charged to the renter

12. Renter is surcharged with local tax 24%

13. For the best renter's service and to avoid any delays, vehicle should be return at least not muddy and ready for inspection, otherwise a charge of 15,00 euros might be required for cleaning and further inspection. In case of tar removing, a charge of 75,00 euros is a must. Interior cleaning in case or dirt, mud, foods or pets is charged at min. 60,00 euros

14. Fuel quantity is always marked on the agreementt contract at the time of delivering the vehicle and upon return should be almost at the same level. Less quantity raise charges equal to consumed quantity of the specific vehicle, than the one delivered plus refueling service of 3,00 euros. Non used fuel can never generate a refund obligation except of compensation in a future rental

15. In case of any mechanical failure or Road Assistance, renter can communicate with RENTACARKATERINISGR Ε.Ε. In 24 hours a day, Road Assistance is not provided in islands, since has not been stated in advance by the renter, considered as responsible for repatriation of the vehicle by his own expenses

16. Ferrying the vehicle is permitted only under written authorization of RENTACARKATERINISGR Ε.Ε., otherwise renter is considered as fully responsible for any damage caused at sea, even if ''C.D.W.'' has been agreed

17. Driving outside of Greek territory is only permitted if company authorizes it, in writing and under issuing a ''Green Card'' for Insurance coverage

18.Minimum age 21 years and maximum 90 years for all car groups. Driving license must be issued at least 1 year before rental start. Driver must hold a valid European (for EU countries) or International (for countries that don’t belong to EU) driving license

19.Kilometres& Charges: All 1-2 days car rentals include 200 klm free per day. Each kilometer driven over the limit will be charged. All 3 days and more car rentals include unlimited kilometers

20.The Court of Katerini is qualified to solve every disagreement which may arise from that agreement

21.FLEET AVAILABILITY: The Company reserves the right to provide a different car model to that originally reserved of an equivalent or higher model type.

22. Full Damage Waiver Insurance (FDW) limits your liability in case of an accident to 500 euro. Does not cover damages on Wheels,Tires, the Undercarriage of the vehicle and windscreen as well as the interior damages of the car.

23. If you Cancel the Booking of the Car,15 days before the date of booking.We Can Refund you the money. Otherwise, Refund is not possible